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Excavation Services

Excavation is a service that is performed in the civil engineering industry. The civil engineering industry deals with maintaining our built and natural environments around us. Within the excavation industry there are many different jobs, services and tasks that contractors can perform for their clients. In general if a client requires a job to be done that involves dirt or the moving of dirt then an excavator is who to contact. Excavation Services can range from simple things such as digging and leveling ground on small properties to services that are more complex such as trenching or tunneling for a major site project.

On major site projects before any building can commence excavation of the ground must take place. The tight access excavator hire in Gold Coast have to perform different services such as levelling the ground and preparing it to be built upon. Excavators need to be able to use levelling tools and have some planning and evaluating in order to level the ground properly and in the right manner for the right type of building to be built upon those grounds. Excavation must be handled differently when building a home than when building a sky scraper.

Excavators can also perform the services of trenching. With trenching there are a number of things involved, these include, trench digging, tunnelling and trenchless digging. Trenching is used to place utilities such as gas, water, electric, sewer and communications mains underneath the ground to keep them safe from damage, and to make it safer for the public and communities. Trenching involves a lot of disruption to the community when the work commences.

This is where other services such as trenchless techniques come into use. Trenchless techniques involve types of tunnelling, micro-tunneling and horizontal directional drilling. These techniques create little disruption to the public whilst doing the job as well as trenching techniques would do. Microtunneling is useful to instal underground pipes at the first dig or pass and horizontal directional drilling is useful for creating tunnels that are horizontal and vertical which is a different from normal boring techniques that only create vertical tunnels.

Other services that excavators carry out include, planning and evaluation of the site, site preparation, grading, moving and disposing of dirt, boring which can include, core boring, bed boring and grundomat boring, roding and roping, cable hauling and plastic and concrete pit installation to name a few of the many services that can be performed by excavators.

Excavation contractors can also provide cleanup and removal services. They are involved in different demolishing projects and bulldozing. They will remove the rubble and waste as well as earth moving services. Excavation contractors aren’t just involved in site preparation and pre building excavation, excavation contractors also perform post building services such as site cleanup. Once building or demolition is complete, excavation contractors will come in and cleanup the site with their heavy machinery.