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Giving Your Kitchen A Facelift

A killer kitchen can have a tremendous impact in the overall look of a home interior. To have an impressive kitchen you need not have to spend a lot of money.

You can give a total facelift of your kitchen by some simple, affordable and cost-effective ways. While upgrading kitchen you can also think about your bathroom. Actually, kitchen and bathroom have great impact on the buyers too. Just a word of advice – when you are planning to revamp your kitchen, you can also work on your bathroom. Using simple changes like installing shower walls, a stylish tub can make a great transformation.

It is also easy nowadays to shop bathroom and kitchen vanities thanks to the dominance of online stores. Find a good online store that sells kitchen and bathroom items, like splashbacks, shower walls, etc., and choose your products.

Make the most of what you have got:

This is best idea you can get, use the existing kitchen items to decorate the kitchen and this is also a cheap way. Keep things simple. Keep things which are in right and workable condition and throw the things which are not. Check appliances and find out the ones which can be repaired because replacing will be costly.

Upgrade your existing cabinets:

Cabinets are the things which are mostly used because demand of storage space will increase over the days. If the cabinets are in good condition, then you can make them look like new using three ways such as-

• Spray paint:

Hiring the professional for painting will cost much and spray paint is more quick and efficient way to make the cabinets look like new.

• Laminate:

Lamination is also a great way to create a new look and make the wooden cabinets last longer. There are agencies that offer such services; choose from your locality.

• New doors and drawer fronts:

This will cost more but you can customize the cabinets and drawers of your own style.

Revamp with new hardware:

Use small hardware to make large impact, such as if you use door knobs or hinges, then the kitchen will get a new look.
Fake new appliances:

New appliances are costly. So, if you do not get it change the older parts and this will create an illusion that the items are new.
High-end look for a low budget price:

Use planning and buy great looking appliances with a lower budget. There are many stores that sell expensive looking items with a lower budget and sometimes stainless finish.

Save with built-in appliances:

Custom framing kits are very useful because this will help you to place the appliances into the existing cabinets. And this is also a cheap way for a great makeover and save spaces. If you have budget, then buy slim line refrigerators, which will save space.