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How To Create The Illusion Of Space In Your Home

People always ask you to dream big—that is, apart from the size of your home, of course!

Often, in the mad rush after college and the jump start into the adult world, people tend to forget to give their homes the deserved thought. More often than not, they either buy their homes too early (right after college when you don’t have too much to invest on), or too late.

As a result, you tend to buy the home now possible to buy in your budget, rather than the home you’ve always dreamt of. This generally means cramped up apartments, or tiny houses without much space for all your necessities.

But what if we tell you, you can still dream big, dream of big houses, even from your small apartment or house? What if we tell you that you can create an illusion of a bigger home, with just a few tricks? Interested? Then read right ahead!

No walls? Great!

If you are yet to build your home, then consider doing it with an open floor plan. If your house or apartment has an open floor plan, then you should consider yourself lucky! Having an open floor plan to your home means you’ve already achieved half the “illusion”. It helps you “move” from room to room without much restrictions. Popularly, this involves the kitchen, pantry, and living room. Modern plans now also include an open floor plan for 2 story homes. If you feel that you might need a little privacy, consider having drapes installed to use on occasion only.

Glass is in

If you’re renovating a house that’s already built to suit your needs, then an open floor plan might not be an option for you. In this case, consider knocking down a few walls and installing glass panes in their place. Consider making your outside wall (perhaps facing your back garden or even the pool area) with glass, to give it that indoor-outdoor feeling. For the 2nd story, glass balustrade is always an option. of course, these are both only an option considering the privacy and the security of your home.

Other means to give your home the illusion of being bigger

If open floors, glass balustrade or glass walls are not your kind of thing, then we still have a few ideas left that might help you achieve that illusion of a bigger home. Every home, especially one that has children, has bookshelves in it. if you want to separate one room from the other, instead of building up more walls that make your home look smaller, consider installing open-backed bookshelves in their place.

Also, mirrors are your best friend in your mission to make your home appear bigger. Install mirrors in places that the sunlight strikes, and it will illuminate and make your home look bigger than it is. Just remember to be artistic about placing them around your home.