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Tips On What To Ask Your Potential Flat-Mates Before Moving In

The decision to leave home, to start making your own place on earth is a dream that everyone has. While most people don’t feel the urge until the need arises, some feel this urge at a very young age. It’s a given that someone starting out this young won’t have enough savings to buy their own house.

The solution? Shared apartments, of course! Making sure that your new home is close to your university or workplace is a given. So is checking on the security of the neighborhood and the security of the house itself.

But whether you plan on sharing an apartment with one person or 15 others, the fact remains that most of the time, first time “apartment-mates” don’t really know the questions that has to be asked before moving in. These are few of the important questions you should ask your roommates before deciding to move in.

Utilities and who pays the bill.

Admittedly, an apartment runs under many different kinds of bills now-a-days. Gone are the days when it was only the water and the electricity you needed to be bothered with. This said, it’s best figuring out who pays what bill before you move in. It’s also better to find out how responsible your flat mates are towards these things.

Repairs and who gets them done.

How often does the house require repairing? Is there someone you can contact in emergencies? How soon do they respond? These are all good questions to ask when thinking of moving into a shared house. Some service repairs, like hot water service repairs, need to be done quickly. Click here for more details regarding the hot water service repairs in Hoppers Crossing.

There’s nothing more inconvenient than waiting for inadequate hot water service repairs, especially in the middle of winter.

What things are communal? Which is not?

Unlike when you live at your own place, when you share an apartment, most of the time, things are considered communal. Have a discussion with your potential flat mates about this; like what things you’re comfortable sharing, and what things you’d rather they don’t touch. Having this discussion as early as possible will reduce and perhaps even eliminate the future misunderstandings completely.

Overnight guest and house parties.

The meaning of “party” could be different from person to person. For some, it means having a few close friends over, a little food and drinks, music and entertainment. For others, it could mean loud music, inviting everyone (or even walk-in guests), drugs, drinking and getting wasted. It’s best to find out what is your flat mate’s idea on partying and how often they plan on having said parties. Living with flat mates who party all week and late into nights can get old very fast. While these are but a few basic questions that you could ask, we hope you got the idea on how and what to ask your potential apartment-mates.