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Ways To Maintain Ones Garden

There are so certain set of people in society who have liking for house with a garden or terrace. Actually gardens and terraces are the best accessories ones home could have but then comes the down side of it because it is extremely difficult to keep them maintained and clean.

Initially when one is planting the plants in the garden or placing the flower pots one should always sort it out and place them in a systematically so it is easy to identify the type of the plant. For example all the flowering plants can be kept on one side and the non flowering plants can be kept on the other side of the garden. For plants to grow well one must make sure to water it properly because too little water will wilt the plant while too much water can cause the plant to die. One must also make sure that all the plants have enough sunlight striking it and if there sunlight it too strong then the plant can die so make sure to place a net like mesh to reduce the amount of sunlight. Fertiliser is an added necessity and it is always best to use organic fertilisers such as manure instead of artificial fertilisers. One could even build a nursery and equip it with a thermometer and a water regulation and monitoring system. 

The cleanliness of the garden is also very important. Depending on the number of plants one must allocate enough time to clean and remove all the dead leaves in a plant to make the garden more pleasing. One could even place hardwood fencing around each region of the garden to help with the classification of the plants.

The timber fencing in Bentleigh East should be maintained by giving it a coat of varnish. The walls surrounding the garden must also be painted on a yearly basis because sometimes there could be areas where lichen can develop and it will form greenish black patches all over.

If one has a big garden it is quite time consuming to clean it all alone so one could appoint a person to serve as a gardener but that person should have some general knowledge about botany and gardening. For people having an apartment they are actually at a disadvantage as they do not have a garden but now some apartments come with a small area mostly near the balcony where one could place pots of plants. Gardening is actually a very serious profession and must not be taken for granted. It requires a lot of patience and hard work to maintain a garden or terrace.